In the hustle and bustle of life, we all know the benefits of coming home to a clean house. The last thing we want to spend our valuable time on is scrubbing for hours on end. Here are 10 quick hacks to keep a clean home, so you have more time to focus on what’s important this spring season. 

1. Have extra bedding and bathroom linens on hand


When we’re finished with a long day, hopping into a clean bed and using a fresh towel after a shower can work wonders. Having extra washed linens stored reduces the time in between washes and keeps these sought-after moments as frequent as possible. Ensure that all linens are completely dry before storing, and invest in scent-boosting products such as lavender sachets to keep your linens fresh! 

2. Optimize your dishwasher 


Dishwashers are extremely convenient for reducing time cleaning kitchen utensils, but did you know you can use this convenience with other household items? To name a few, throw in fridge shelves and bins, microwave turntables, oven grates, and even plastic toys. Focus on the top rack for more fragile items, as it is furthest away from the heating element during the drying cycle. Always double-check the manufacturer’s cleaning care elements before washing items in the dishwasher.

3. Toss leftover lemon rinds in the garbage disposal


Do you have a foul smell coming from your sink? Leftover citrus rinds are a quick way to mask strong odors and cut through grime. The next time you make a batch of lemonade, run about a quarter-sized lemon slice with running water through the garbage disposal. Don’t overdo this technique, but it is safe to do it occasionally.

4. Use play dough to pick up glitter messes quickly


School projects can be fun family activities with your children, but they tend to leave less-than-desirable messes. It can be tricky to clean up pesky glitter particles, but play dough is a great solution. Simply take a piece of play dough and press it against the glitter, folding it into the dough as you work on the table. This also adds some sparkle to the next round it’s played with!

5. Use rubber gloves to clean up pet hair with ease

Dogs on couch

Our pets are argued to be family members – so how could we turn down letting them lay on the couch with us during movie nights? Shedding pet hair can be difficult to clean up, even with designated vacuum attachments. Using rubber gloves to rub along your couch creates friction, which causes any form of debris to attach itself onto the glove, and away from your place of comfort. Rinse your gloves in between, and watch the magic of chemistry remove any traces of pet hair. 

6. Use dishwashing liquid as a multi-purpose tool

Soap Dispensers

Dishwashing liquid is great for how it interacts with oil, and it can be used for much more than just pots and pans! Use a dab of dishwashing liquid on clothing that has an oil splatter from cooking, rub it into the stained area, and rinse to pre-treat before a laundry load. It can also be used on glass shower doors by making a solution of 1-part dishwashing liquid and 1-part white vinegar. Spray down the surface and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes before wiping it dry.

7. Use vinegar and baking soda as a toilet cleaner

Baking soda

Unsightly toilet stains can be embarrassing when guests visit your home. Sometimes, regular maintenance with a toilet scrubber just doesn’t do the trick. This can be due to mineral-build up from hard water. You can use a solution of white vinegar and baking soda to break down these mineral stains! Simply pour a ½ cup of baking soda into the bowl, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Allow the reaction to fizz for about 15 minutes and scrub any stains away. 

8. Brighten dirty grout with a bleach pen

Tile floor

Tile grout can become stained very quickly from foot traffic, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit and scrub with a toothbrush for hours. Bleach pens can be applied to grout to brighten its appearance. First, use a broom to pick up any debris, and then coat grout lines with a bleach pen, leaving them to soak for about 15 minutes. You can amplify results by using a scrub brush attachment on a power drill to really get the product into the grout. Mop off the excess bleach gel product for good-as-new floors!

9. Organize clothes by color and kind to quickly piece together outfits

Clothes dresser

Picking out outfits daily for yourself and your children can be time-consuming. Save time by organizing clothing items by color and kind. This allows you to know exactly where that one piece of clothing is, and where to put them once they’re out of the dryer. 

10. Wipe away bathtub stains with magic erasers

Bath tub

Bathtub stains can quickly build up from their everyday use. Magic erasers are amazing at wiping these dirt and soap scum stains away. Magic erasers are made of melamine foam, which essentially acts as a super fine sandpaper that can tackle tough stains. Fill your tub with a bit of hot water, and easily scrub away stains. Once all surface stains are wiped away, drain your tub and it is ready for its next bath!

Thanks for reading!

These hacks should help you reduce your time spent scrubbing, allow you to utilize cleaning products and appliances for more than a singular use, and give you valuable time back. Bonus hack: If you ever need an extra hand, consider using a cleaning service to do the work for you. Explore our services today and let us make your life just a bit easier.