Final Clean, Lake Norman, NC

Give your client the best first impression possible with our final clean construction cleaning services.

It simply wouldn’t do to put in weeks or even months creating someone’s dream home in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area only to disappoint them by leaving construction debris and dust behind when you turn over the keys. Your customers’ first impression when they walk into their new home is what they’ll be sharing with others, so don’t leave it to chance. Call us at CJ Cleaning Services, LLC for our final clean construction cleaning services.

Final Clean in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Our final clean service involves going room by room, from ceiling to floor, from wall to wall, to ensure that not even a speck of dust or construction debris remains. We will remove all trash and small debris from the home and place it in your contractor’s dumpster. Be sure to call us before you have it removed so it can be used for this purpose. Once the debris is removed, we get to work with meticulous care and attention to all surfaces – floors, cabinetry, sinks, plumbing fixtures, lighting, countertops, baseboards, walls, windows, doors, laundry areas, garage, porch/patio areas, and more. The owner of the home will be able to move in without needing to cleaning anything!

If you would like to know more about our construction cleaning services for all phases, including a rough clean during the build, a final clean to present a move-in-ready environment, or a touch-up clean for keeping the home in top condition for tours and open houses, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule your services at a time convenient to you.