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Our construction cleaning services are useful throughout your construction project.

Keeping a construction site tidy has several benefits, not the least of which is presenting a good image to the homeowner who is anxiously awaiting moving into their new home. At CJ Cleaning Services, LLC, we offer construction cleaning services that can take that concern off your shoulders. We are available throughout your build to provide assistance at any point, right up to the last deep clean before handing the keys to the new owner.

Construction Cleaning Services in Lake Norman, North Carolina

  • Rough Clean – A rough clean is ideal for between phases so that each subcontractor walks into a work area that isn’t filled with construction debris. During our rough construction cleaning services, we can remove trash and small debris utilizing your construction site dumpster, clean all completed phases such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures and cabinetry, and remove any temporary protection or labels that you do not wish to remain. This can be a one-time service, or we can stop multiple times during the project.
  • Final Clean – When all construction is complete and before you hand over the keys or start the sale process, call on us to perform a deep final clean that makes the home ready for occupancy. We remove all construction dust and debris, clean cabinetry and countertops, shine lighting fixtures and fans, clean all appliances, clean all doors and windows, and do whatever else is needed to make the home spotless.
  • Touch-Up Clean – If you are building a home in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area that will need to go through the sale process once completed, our touch-up cleaning services will keep it looking its best for showings and open houses, and we can also perform a final cleaning before the new owner takes possession.

If you would like to know more about our construction cleaning services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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