Qualities to Look for in a Cleaning Company

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If you are looking to hire a cleaning company, you should do some research before you hire the first cleaning company that pops up on your internet search. There are certain qualities that you should look for in a good cleaning company before pursuing to hire.

  • Flexible – A good cleaning company will be flexible with your schedule and be willing to work around your timeframe. If you are looking for a regular cleaning service, a good cleaning company will work with you and determine which days work for the both of you.
  • Right Equipment – If your cleaner shows up with a broom and a small amount of supplies, be worried. A quality cleaning company will have a variety of cleaning supplies and equipment to tailor to your preferences and needs. Always let your cleaner know if you have certain allergies or preferences when it comes to cleaning supplies being used in your home.
  • Bonding & Insurance – In any kind of service industry, accidents can happen. Hiring a cleaning company that has bonding and insurance will give you peace in mind that if anything were to get broken or damaged while cleaning, your cleaning company would cover it.
  • Quality Assurance/ Guarantees – Hiring a new cleaning company can make you nervous. No one wants to pay for cleaning and then discover after the fact that they completed a mediocre job, and you likely could have done a better cleaning job. A good cleaning company will have a customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you weren’t happy with the work completed you can either get your money back or have someone re-clean for you.

We hope these identifiers will help you determine a good cleaning company for you. If you have any questions regarding qualities of a good cleaning company, and the services we provide, please contact us at CJ Cleaning Services, LLC today!